Is it Naked time yet?

All I’m writing is just what I feel, that’s all. I just keep it almost naked. And probably the words are so bland.” – Jimmy Hendrix

Pussy Power via LappTheBrand.

So this is it. Time to lay myself bare to the World. Or at least to a couple of stragglers who stumble upon this blog on the Internet- Hey you guys! And I’m not talking bare as in, butt naked, no- that happened along time ago (Chrz google). We’re talking bare in terms of actual words and actual feelings and sharing who I actually am.

Starting a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Not to try make some dollahhh, or promote skin products that make your skin all dewy like those Instagram models (how do they look so perfect all the damn time), and not even to share my plethora of knowledge on any given subject (limited). I just have a lot to say, I guess.

I’ve tried to use social media as a tool to share my views and opinions, my thoughts and the things I love, or don’t. But an Instagram caption rambling on about gender equality and why the freedom of nipples are important underneath an image of me in minimal clothing whilst guys commented emojis along the lines of 😍👅🍆😈 or “stick to getting your tits out”, wasn’t exactly hitting my g-spot when it came to wanting to share how I really felt. Sorry boys.

I’ve loved writing since I was young. I used to write stories in my spare time when I was a kid, piece together crappy poems, and write apology letters to my parents when I knew I’d effed up. I didn’t even mind taking on extra story-writing homework for a boy I fancied in school. UR WELCOME BTW. But then University came along, and writing became a chore, and social media was so easy, that I just sort of, stopped. I’ve wrote a couple articles here and there over the years, but I really started getting back into it last year when I was tasked with writing blog posts for a female-led women’s underwear company. Perfect!- I thought- I can write about women’s issues and fun but important things like tampons and periods and yay, you get the picture. But I had to send all my articles over to be checked and edited, muted and corrected, fuck I hated that. So yeah, that job’s now a distant memory.

So all of this, plus a quarter-life crisis, an impending fear of WTF am I doing with my life and a love for oversharing my opinion- *Does anyone remember that “Hey Andrew, why do you hate poor people?” Meme? Well that’s me after two glasses of Malbec* has led me here today.

By here, I mean sitting in a luke-warm bath typing away on my phone like Rev Run whilst avoiding any given thing I’ve tasked myself to do. Ahhh procrastination, I’m pretty good at that. But we’ll get to that another time. Or will we. I guess you’ll have to wait and see. I’m not promising life-changing content, I’m not even going to promise interesting content. In fact it will probably be more like a bin – or more nicely put – a filing cabinet – for my thoughts, opinions, experiences and anything in between. A place to jibber jabber with myself and share it online in the hopes that someone, somewhere might be feeling or thinking the same thing.

So here goes nothing, Is it Naked time yet?

Published by Jess Davies

Claiming a tiny corner of the internet as my safe space to share my thoughts, opinions and jibber jabber.

13 thoughts on “Is it Naked time yet?

  1. So – I am myself an apprentice. I’ve written so far two novels published in France & Israel and I consider that I still have a lot to learn to better write. But one thing I know for sure: if you are willing to shed any manners or manias and just look at life with bare honesty and an intense thirst for the truth, you are on the way to something better. You are on the way to start becoming a writer. Thats what I felt reading through your lines. This is a very appetizing introduction. Im waiting now eagerly for the dinner meal 😉 … En route!

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      1. May I tell ou that I’m reading now the few first posts of your blog è and I’m LOVING IT ! Bravo. Very nicely done, and well written.


  2. While I may have initially been a follower of yours for the butt naked stuff I have come to really admire you. I appreciate the genuine thoughts you put out there and the causes you are passionate about. You are clearly a decent human being. As somebody also in my late twenties I relate to a lot of the things you speak on. Don’t have anything to really add just wanted to say keep doing you and I look forward to hearing more.

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  3. I get the desire to express oneself through more substantial writing. It’s like Social Media is the junk food of expression, plenty of empty calories which make you feel good. For a moment.
    Having a platform to share longer, well thought-out and insightful pieces is like a Sunday Roast for the brain. It’s more planning and effort but is far more substantial and satisfying.

    If you are ever stuck for content ideas, I’ll bet you can gather some from the comments.


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  4. This feels so good already. Social media has a tendency to erode the “real” messages of people and, honestly, it’s toxic. People need to be open and honest, there’s no such thing as “oversharing”. There is only sharing and that is what makes us alive.

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  5. Well you have another subscriber in myself. I’ve kind of followed your career (loosely) and when I saw you were writing a blog I knew I had to read it, thought I might find out about the real Jess Davies.

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  6. Oh hell yes. Please continue to scribe your conscious thought stream. It’s great to see and I suspect you’ll find catharsis and companionship in equal measure. Companions rather than blind followers.


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