Less Fast, More Sass: Fashion Finds #1

Bonjour fashion fiends, and the straggler’s who are reading these because they love me/feel sorry for me (I appreciate you). Welcome/Croeso to my first mini-blog on my fashion finds in what I hope will be a small insight on how you can find some light within the darkness of sale racks and bargain bins. *Warning* may involve you diving headfirst into a trash-can full of scarfs and trying on clothes behind a curtain in a dodgy charity shop.

My stomping-ground happens to be the capital of Wales, Cardiff- with a little bit of coastal town Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales thrown in. You would think a big city would have half-decent charity shops, but this is a city in Wales, so the #hipster trend hasn’t exactly caught on here as much as it’s bigger, much trendier sister town of Bristol across the border. So far my thrift-store finds have been well, nothing. But it’s not all doom and gloom, because what this city does have is pop-up events. And lots of them.

I headed to the derelict warehouse turned hot-spot for mini-food festivals and drunk bingo where I have too often shamed myself- the DEPOT, to hit up their £15 a Kilo Vintage clothing sale. I’ve been to vintage/upcycled clothing stores before, but never a pop-up shop so I wasn’t too sure what this was going to entail, but as I rolled up in my dungarees trying to pass as another edji teenager I was greeted by some kids who were much cooler than I was when I was 18, wearing brightly coloured ski-jackets and carrying Fjallraven backpacks and breathed a sigh of relief, ahhh, I’m at home.

Let me tell you, I did all this with a raging hangover. The “Wales have a Rugby Match in Cardiff” type hangover which only my fellow bread-of-heaven worshippers will fully appreciate the severity of. So when I walked in to that warehouse to be smacked in the nostrils with what I can only describe as the smell of 1000 different grandma coat’s which have sat in a damp cupboard for 50 years, I almost vommed into the vintage red leather laptop case I was half-heartedly carrying around. I shuffled up and down the rows and rows of clothing, fisting the coat-hangers in which hundreds’ of printed shirts hung off to try and find a help-line, some sort of hidden gem in which the charity shops of the Diff’ had not managed to grace my drawers with. One thing this kilo-sale had was choice. Rails and rails of coats, tees, jumpers and jackets, all being frantically restocked as quick as they were being snapped up. My bin bag was soon full and my booze-sweats returned in with a vengeance. Each “this is cute” was met with a “please hold this I’m gonna be sick”. I had my head in the bin of silk scarfs for just enough time to grab some Versace-esque’ styles for me and my friend, and headed to try my finds on. Except the make-shift curtain turned dressing room had no mirrors, because darling this isn’t any old store, so whatever, I just risked it and threw all my finds in the weighing bin and made a mad dash out of there to get a Fanta-on-Tap and some fresh air away from the stench of moth balls. This vintage stuff is all glamour.

My haul came to £45, which actually at first I was like “WTF I thought this was supposed to be cheap” but then the realist within me reminded me that I did get a Levi’s Denim jacket (which goes for £40+ on Depop these days), a Puma padded coat, another jacket, an old French-connection jumper, an oversized shirt and three headscarves. So less than a tenner each, and recycling at the same time. Plenty of sass, with minimal fast. Win, Win my friends.

Cardiff’s next kilo-sale is on the 15th of December at Carpe Diem. Or you can check out http://www.thekilosale.com for some kilo sales which may closer to you if you don’t live in the land of our fathers. Alternatively, just give google a go and search for your closest sale, you never know what you might find!


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