The Model Diaries: Introduction (The Good, The Bad and the Batshit Crazy)

Hello there! If you’re still here and reading this blog in the New Year then you must be bored thank you! As I delved into in my previous blog post (shameless plug but give it a read here) then you’ll know that 2018 was a heavy 12-months of many emotions for me, but finally starting this blog was a task I managed to cross off my shopping-list of life and provided me with an outlet to jabber (always on brand) on about the many things in which occupy my mind. And thank the LAWD above for not leaving my high and dry, over 18,000 of you have held my hand and joined this journey with me over the last four months since it’s launch date. You are awesome! With your generosity and support in mind, I wanted to give a little back to my #dayonefans who have stuck by me since my days as the new, slightly bewildered ZOO girl, to my current “weird phase” of being “pretty nuts” (still the best review of the blog out there); Here’s introducing my new 3-Part Feature “The Model Diaries”, where I’ll be exposing some of The Good, The Bad and The Batshit Crazy events and experiences I’ve encountered throughout my career as a Glamour model.

Not to say you’re all perverts or anything- ahem– but my most popular blog entry to date is on my Life As A Glamour Model, and after receiving a few requests on Instagram (feel free to let me know of any topics you think I should be chatting about on here!) for similar content I thought 2019 was high time I gave the people what they want: Stories about tits. I will be sharing some of my most memorable memories and mishaps as a model in the hope of providing you, and especially any specific glamour mag’ fans, an exclusive behind the scenes insight to the industry and lives of it’s stars.

Parental Warning: Expect nudity, alcohol, guns and a lot of WTF moments.

Keep an eye out for the First Part Feature, coming soon! ❀

Published by Jess Davies

Claiming a tiny corner of the internet as my safe space to share my thoughts, opinions and jibber jabber.

2 thoughts on “The Model Diaries: Introduction (The Good, The Bad and the Batshit Crazy)

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve always found the world of glamour intriguing – and not just for the obvious reasons!

    I did say I was gonna catch up on your articles…so reading any I’ve missed now. Expect some comments πŸ™‚


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