What not to say on the day: How to avoid that family argument.

What not to say on the day: How to avoid that family argument.

Day 7: What not to say on the day. How to avoid a family argument this Christmas. #12BlogsOfChristmas

SOS: Deserted on Love Island; Why none of us can find higher ground.

Love Island Cast, 2019 It's been two weeks since the final of this years Love Island, which saw ultimate fuck-boy repeller Amber and the outcome of what you'd be presented with at the check-out if your mum took you to 'Build a Bear' but for boyfriends, Greg (srsly why can't we do that yet? Can [...]

Less Fast, More Sass: Fashion Finds #1

Bonjour fashion fiends, and the straggler's who are reading these because they love me/feel sorry for me (I appreciate you). Welcome/Croeso to my first mini-blog on my fashion finds in what I hope will be a small insight on how you can find some light within the darkness of sale racks and bargain bins. *Warning* [...]

GALS NIGHT: We’re going out, out.

It's happy hour, yay! This means 50ml of liquid- or shall we say precisely, three sips of what I can only imagine is liquid gold- is now only £6 instead of £12, BARGAIN! Ordering a cocktail isn't just a simple action, it's a process, an event. The girls have been planning this wonder for weeks. [...]

The Quarter life crisis: I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

It was approximately 0.36am when, as I surrendered myself underneath the familiar walls of warmth around me, the increasingly present thoughts of dread came crashing down. I lay there in silence, staring out of the 10cm gap I always leave between the blind and the window sill, as if it provides a comfort that I [...]