Just Jess

Hi! I’m Jess Davies, and Welcome to my website ‘Jabber with Jess’. After many years of rambling and ranting via social media captions and long winded tweets, I’ve decided to curate my own tiny corner of the internet into a safe space for sharing all my thoughts, opinions and views. *Warning* Expect lots of jibber jabber.

I’m a twenty-something (no point updating this every year, right?) WOMAN – I always have to stop myself saying girl, yay too adulting* – Welsh speaking, Ex-Glamour model turned social media addict. I live in Wales, UK, currently lusting after the rest of the World and trying to navigate my way through this thing that we call life. I like red wine, socialising (does this count as a hobby?), yoga (trying to find that zen) and I’ve recently become a professional cyclist** disclaimer- Ok, so I completed one bike ride across France but I’m claiming that title ok. *** UPDATE I’m taking part in my second bike ride across France for Help for Heroes! You can sponsor me here : shamelessplug.com

Jess Davies
Can regularly be found asking to taste the Wine first before nodding along like I know what I’m talking about.

*Note, attempt to complete adulting is still underway.

I used to do some (ahem- titty) modelling, and studied Sociology with Education at University. Then I hit a whirlwind of opportunity which has seen me try my hand at creative directing, social media and influencer management, styling, copywriting, marketing, brand management, tv presenting and production research, to name but a few, some of which I’m still working my way through today. This is probably an important factor in my quarter-life crisis and impending WTF AM I DOING state of mind. But we’ll tackle that another time, shall we?

Jess davies

I’m not claiming to be an expert in anything I write about. Actually, I’m not an expert in anything. But I don’t think that should stop us from sharing our thoughts and opinions. In fact, I think conversation is the way forward. Unless you disagree with me, then keep it to yourself. JK! Hope you enjoy my jibber jabber!

Follow me on social media thru here:

YouTube: JessDavies

Instagram: _jessdavies

Twitter: _JessicaDavies

Facebook: Jess Davies

For all business enquiries please contact: jabberwithjess@gmail.com


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